Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, especially in Southeast Asia. If you’re not Asian and you’re reading this, you probably already know that because of the power of your currency. However, it could be difficult for some Southeast Asian tourists to go around their neighboring countries. I’m a Filipino, and I know a lot of my friends think that I spend a lot of money when I go on international travels. Using the itinerary I previously published this is how much I spent on my recent trip to Bali.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Ubud

With the help of thorough research and thousands of resources on the internet, there are now so many options for budget travel, even for international destinations. I went to Bali with three other friends for six days, and I was able to spend only around US$250 (approx. PHP13,122.32). That’s even a lot cheaper than a lot of local destinations in the Philippine for the same number of days.

Note that this value doesn’t include flights, travel tax, and a few personal expenses, but the breakdown below does include accommodation and transport by taxi in Bali since we didn’t rent scooters. If you’re not picky with food, and you’re comfortable with hostel accommodations, then you can do this too. In addition, I stopped over Kuala Lumpur for a few hours of layover which I didn’t include below, but that cost me less than PHP1,000 for my hostel, transport and food.

Here’s an expense report of my trip to Bali:

Day 1 Cost in IDR for 1 person
8:30AMArrived in Denpasar airport 
9:30AMPick-up from from airport to Uluwatu hostel60,000/person
10:30AMChecked in at the hostel153,750/person (1 night)
10:30AM-2:00PMUnpacked, had brunch and relaxed in hostel65,000 (Vegetable satay, cold Balinese coffee)
3:00PMWent to Dreamland beach30,000/person for transport, 40,000 for 1 Bintang
5:20PMWent to Uluwatu Temple40,000/person for transport
6:00-7:00PMUluwatu temple and Kecak Dance100,000/person for show ticket
7:30PMBack to hostel, dinner25,000/person for transport, 55,000 for dinner
Day 2  
10:00AMLeave for Ubud87,500/person for transport
12:00NNArrived at Ubud hostel80,000/person (x 2 nights)
2:00PM-7:00PMHalf day Ubud tour :
– Blanco museum
– Coffee plantation (Alas Harum AgroTourism)
– Tegalalang Rice Terraces
– Ubud market
100,000/person for tour


80,000 museum ticket

120,000 for coffee bought (for souvenir

10,000 donation at Tegalalang

110,000 for souvenir

7:30PMBack to hostel, dinner60,000 (roasted chicken, veggie Nasi goreng, mango smoothie)
Day 3  
5:00AMLeave for Pura Lempuyang Temple150,000/person for whole day tour; 40,000 for shuttle at Pura Lempuyang; 50,000 for ticket; 2,000 for donation
8:00AMArrived Tirta Gangga30,000 for ticket
10:30AMLeave for Ubud Monkey Forest 
11:30AMBrunch stopover24,000 (cheeseburger)
12:45PM – 3:00PMUbud Monkey forest50,000 for ticket
4:00PMBack to hostel 
7:00PMDinner65,000 (Omelette and fries, Bintang)
Day 4  
10:00AMLeave for Canggu26,250/person for transport
12:00PMCheck in at hostel200,000/person (x 2 nights)
12:30PMBrunch at Crate Cafe55,000
 Chilled at the hostel for the rest of the day, including a BBQ dinner hosted by the hostel 
Day 5  
6:30AMNusa Penida tour pick-up250,000/person for day tour
12:30PMLunch70,000 (fish)
5:00PMReturned to hostel25,000 Bintang
8:30PMLove Anchor Market100,000 souvenir
9:30PMDinner95,000 (fish burrito, Bintang); 2,000 tip
10:30PMReturn to hostel 
Day 6  
9:00AMWent to Batu Bolong Beach and had brunch85,000 (smoothie, Surfer’s breakfast)
12:00AMReturned to hostel to pack and check-out 
1:00PMDid final shopping in Love Anchor Market250,000
2:30PMBack at the hostel to swim in the pool and get the final Bintang25,000
5:00PMPick-up for airport50,000/person
  TOTAL: 3,140,500.000


(approx. US$220)

For the record, the hostels we stayed in were amazing, I definitely didn’t starve myself, the Nusa Penida tour guide had awesome service, and we had tons of fun as first-time Bali travelers!

If you’re visiting Bali soon, have questions or want to know which hostels we stayed in, who we contacted for the Nusa Penida tour and taxi around Bali, drop me an email or comment below so I can help.


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