It’s the end of the year and you might be one of those who make resolutions and goals for 2019. Maybe one of them is to travel as a first-time wanderer, travel more, or travel often. And who could blame you? Travel is an amazing experience.

I’ve learned that the secret to get things done is to start doing it slowly but consistently. Make resolutions to do more or less of something you’re already doing rather than listing things out of a whim. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try new things, but you shouldn’t even have waited for a new year to accomplish what you’ve always wanted to do or try what ticks your curiosity. Here are a few suggestions of travel resolutions to take with you as you board more planes, ride more buses, sail on more ships, hop on trains, and drive more motorcycles.

This 2019, may we all do our part to make changes on how we travel in order to benefit the Earth. Try these resolutions and keep them. What are your travel resolutions? Write them on the comments below!


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