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I love coffee, ice cream, blueberry cheesecake, poetry and the beach. My idea of a simple yet satisfying morning would be in a beachfront cottage with a cup of coffee on my right hand and a good book on the left. I travel as much as I can – from beaches hours away from my beloved urban jungle to a never-enough out of the country visits.

There is no better satisfaction than gaining the things I learn when I’m out of my comfort zone. The different culture, art, food and people, among other things, get me into a high that makes me want to keep wandering. I’ve met people of various colors and creed and realized that despite our differences, our humanity is what binds us together. In a world full of hatred and chaos, I’d like to keep hoping that “people are really good at heart,” as Anne Frank wrote. Traveling not only helps me experience that – it makes me realize that there is more to life than my petty personal issues.

My soul is unsettled. At the same time, the more I chase wonders to try to calm my soul, the more I hunger for an adventure. There is no way I loathe this paradox.



Venus S