It’s officially summer in the Philippines are we’re getting excited for the getaway plans we have lined up! Even if we’re a tropical country and we basically only have the wet and dry season, March ’til May are most regarded as the best months to head to the beach, visit waterfalls, hike mountains, and so on. Without a doubt, you’re going to snap lots of photos until you find the perfect one to post on your social media accounts.

In this article, I’ll give you the 8 most Instagram-worthy places in the Queen City of the South and it’s neighboring areas. We’ll start with home court advantage to kick off this summer series and move along the south and north next. Whether you’re from Cebu City, a local tourist, or a foreign traveler, these spots will help your Instagram game.


1. Tops Lookout

Tops lookout is a popular viewpoint in Cebu City, especially in the evening where you can see the city lights.



2. Temple of Leah

This site is a grand gesture of dedication and love from a husband to his wife, thus dubbed to be the Taj Mahal of Cebu. However, it has a more Roman-style.


3. Cebu Taoist Temple

By by the Chinese community in Cebu in 1972, this has the feels of the White Cloud Temple in Beijing. It has great view of the city, too.


4. The Pyramid, Cebu

This is a restaurant inspired by the Louve Museum in Paris.


5. Sirao Garden

There are currently two gardens in Sirao – the original Sirao Flower Garden and the new Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping site. These two are situated next to each other and are both equally IG-worthy.


6. 21 KM Coffee

This spot is a coffee shot that have awesome views of the mountains. Not only does it give a picturesque view, they have good coffee too.


7. Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Dubbed as the biggest zoo in the Philippines, this place which houses all sorts of animals is a great location for lots of photos.


8. Happy Beach Cebu

This is an Instagram paradise for beach lovers who love pastel colors.


There are definitely other places where you can take photos, but the spots in this list definitely make the cut. Have you been to Cebu? What other spots in the city caught your attention? Share them below! Don’t forget to follow my IG account!

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